Imagine the framework as fundamentally being a coat stand. In itself it could be considered decorative, perhaps attractive but more importantly functional! However a coat stand is less functional without the coats, hats and scarfs that adorn it.

In a similar way the 4E Framework can work on it’s own but its the activities around it that make it purposeful and functional. Scrolling down the “resources” page you will see listed all of the currently available activities (and other resources). These are developed as self sustaining resources each ranging from 30mins to 2hours of activity. Usually in the activity you will find a suggested delivery schedule, presentation materials and workshop handouts, as well as sheets for recording peoples responses (where required).

It’s the activities which bring the framework to life for your workshop attendees. On the face of it some of these sessions may seem to have limited content, but remember that it is the conversations that take place which are important.

(Please not that the resources page is in development).

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